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3 trophies
It’s almost over. Super Bowl, done. Oscars, done. GRAMMYs, seems like ages ago.

They call it the “Championship Season,” the many months of accolades and awards that seem to go on forever. But if you paid attention, many of those awards went to the newcomers, the underdogs, those who two years ago weren’t even on the radar.

It reminds me of an article I read last year about brands that started as underdogs. Ben & Jerry’s, Netflix, Chipotle and Tesla. Brands that are now household names.

We often meet with small business owners who often think they can’t break through. Whether they don’t have a sizeable marketing budget or don’t have the manpower, they look at the obstacles instead of the opportunity of establishing a brand identity. Taking the time and doing it right the first time can alleviate the expense of a do over.

Who do you want your brand to be? What is the first impression you want your brand to make to potential consumers? What marketing practices should you put in place to make sure they keep coming back for more or spread the word about your product or service?

We often compare a brand to a person. It is unique, has a certain way it talks and relates to others, is visually distinct and makes others feel a certain way when interacting with them. It should have personality, just like you!

Take Billie Eilish and Patrick Mahomes for example. They are not overnight sensations. They’ve spent years working on their talent and establishing their personal brand. Their uniqueness, their personality and the way they make their audience feel has now put them in the spotlight. Is it now time to shine that bright light on you?

What is on the horizon for your brand? Do you know what makes it unique? Have you defined its personality? Do you know how your audience feels when interacting it?

Winners never do it alone. Most often it takes a team of experts to achieve such accolades. We’ve helped to create front-runners and champions in a wide array of industries. Might we be a fit for your award-winning team?

And the award goes to…