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Source: Unsplash

Even though digital marketing is king in 2023, print marketing hasn’t gone the way of the dinosaur! In fact, print marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching local and niche audiences while also helping your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. The key to effective print marketing is to ensure your materials are high-value and connected to your broader marketing goals.

Here are three reasons why print marketing is a valuable tool to complement your digital marketing efforts as part of a holistic marketing strategy:

  • It’s a Great Way to Target Your Local Market

  • Digital marketing allows your brand to cast the broadest possible net for potential customers, but print materials have withstood the test of time as effective methods for targeting a specialized, local audience. And research shows that direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to only 0.12% for email. Even in our constantly connected digital age, physical options like well-designed flyers and mailers can be an excellent way for small businesses to target their local communities.

  • It Helps Your Brand Stand Out Among the Competition

  • Think about how much receiving a physical card or letter stands out today in a never-ending sea of emails and texts. It’s nice to receive mail that feels personal (and isn’t a bill!) The same is true for print marketing materials, with consumers reporting that they read 80% of the printed materials they receive.

    Of course, no one wants to receive junk mail – physical or digital – but print materials that contain inspired, high-value content for your customers aren’t junk! And the more creative, the better, so feel free to think outside the box. Instead of sending a plain newsletter with an announcement or a folded-up menu showcasing your new cafe menu, stand out even more by sending promotional product samples, decals, or a personalized thank-you note.

  • It Complements Your Digital Marketing Efforts

  • Studies show that 84% of people believe they understand and retain information better when they read it in print rather than on a screen. We’re inundated with content online, from pop-up and banner ads to email solicitations to advertisements, even when we pause a TV show. Consumers often scroll right past these digital elements, but print marketing is tangible and memorable, supporting brand recall and giving your customers something to refer back to later.

    Print marketing also helps you pack a ton of information and value into a single outreach piece. For example, suppose you decide to mail your new restaurant menu to potential customers in your area. In that case, you can add a printed QR code to let residents access a special discount, inside information about new products, or your company website, alongside the menu. This would allow you to share a wealth of information directly with your target audience using a simple piece of print mail.

Let Hausbeck Ramp Up Your Print Marketing Strategy

At Hausbeck Brand, our team of innovative and experienced marketers is ready to help you create an effective print marketing campaign to support your existing digital marketing strategy. Be sure to check out all of the marketing and branding services we offer, and contact us today to schedule a consultation!