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Create the Next Chapter

Branding & Marketing Experts

We Are Problem Solvers

Whether they want to grow beyond where they are, shift in a new direction or need assistance to build upon their current success, we create strategies that offer solutions, allowing a brand to step into its next chapter.


Share the unique story of each brand visually through design and strategically through content creation and delivery.


Create strategies to clarify a brand's message, define their target audiences, and understand their consumer’s journey.


Engage target audiences with marketing strategies to deliver, track and manage the connection and return on marketing efforts.

Hausbeck Brand’s team are strategic, outside-the-box thinkers, excellent communicators, leaders, and problem solvers. We are fun, positive, and believe wholeheartedly in collaboration!

How It Works

Bring our team in to act as your marketing department, or bring us in to become an extension of your marketing department.


Create a brand personality that will make your consumers feel the right emotion, so they will act and engage with your brand and keep coming back for more.

Brand Therapy

Your brands job? To make people feel. If people don’t feel, they will not act. Creating a brand is the process of creating a personality. This will help make your consumers feel the right emotion, resulting in engagement with your brand that will keep them coming back for more.

Marketing Soup

All brands are hungry. Hungry to grow, to engage, to increase the bottom line. Hungry to make an impact, to change the world, to change a life. We feed that hunger with soup… marketing soup!

Data Geeks

We love data! Why? Because accurate data is the key to your success. Through analyzing customer purchase and response history, our data services will help you maintain a higher level of data quality. This data enables you to precisely target and profile current and prospective customers as well as obtain and monitor other key metrics critical to implementing successful business retention and growth plans.

We create an experience that is exciting, thought-provoking, informational, fun and collaborative.


Create Your Next Chapter

It’s time to share your unique story through a powerful combination of brand development, design, marketing, and strategy. Each brand we work with engages us to find a solution to a problem, grow beyond where they are, shift in a new direction, or build upon their current success. Wherever you are in your journey, we create solutions that allow you to step boldly into your next chapter. We are strategic, outside-the-box thinkers, excellent communicators, leaders, and problem solvers.