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Values-based consumerism is on the rise, and carries the expectation that companies are socially responsible. Your brand’s message needs to authentically highlight your company’s values and purposes—like commitment to sustainability or diversity—in a transparent way to build connection and trust with consumers. One way to achieve this connection with your buyers is through cause marketing.

Cause marketing is a collaboration between a for-profit company and a nonprofit organization or a charitable campaign hosted by a for-profit company. Organizations can use the association with a values-based cause to drive brand awareness through ethical contributions.

Cause marketing benefits both for-profit companies and nonprofits in a multitude of ways. Because nonprofits are usually operating with limited funds, the partnership allows the nonprofit to tap into the corporation’s marketing and advertising budget and leverage the help of additional team members. This enables the nonprofit to get their cause in front of consumers they may not otherwise reach, and helps improve the company’s corporate image, setting it apart from competitors while building a relationship with the community.

Realizing that cause marketing directly impacts their bottom line, increasing numbers of companies are tapping into this strategy to position themselves in a positive light while doing good. Here are three examples of organizations that have successfully teamed up with nonprofits.

Three Examples of Cause Marketing to Inspire You

1. Especially around the holidays, you may be asked at store check-outs if you’d like to make a donation towards a partnered charity. Point-of-sale campaigns like Ronald McDonald House Charities encourage consumers to donate in the moment, while they’re already making a purchase. In return, donors often have their names written on a heart placard that is publicly posted, establishing a sense of community support and motivating others to contribute to the cause. Who doesn’t want public recognition for their charitable donation?

2. LUSH’s Charity Pot Body Lotion is a great example of a purchase or action-triggered donation. When a consumer buys the product, a donation is made to a cause—in this case, 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights causes that LUSH supports. Action-triggered donations are effective because the buyer doesn’t have to do anything but make a purchase, yet they’re still contributing to a charitable organization.

3. Las Vegas-based Move 4 Less knows how to draw in their staff through employee engagement. Their employees volunteer for local social causes through the Moving Our Community initiative, which partners with local charities such as Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and HELP of Southern Nevada. Volunteer engagement can create a tight-knit team who are excited to go above and beyond for others. This promotes networking opportunities while simultaneously putting a face to your company and supporting the community. Consider what your community needs to grow, the outreach that would achieve this goal, and how your organization can help. Don’t be afraid to spearhead something new.

Make an Impact With Cause Marketing

Ready to team up with a nonprofit? Start by choosing a cause your company can get behind. Make it easy to get your team on board, because your employees’ passion will be reflected in the work they do if they’re genuinely excited about the partnership. While not totally necessary, this process is easier if your charity of choice is related to your organization in some way. Don’t forget that this is a team effort—work with your nonprofit partner to create and implement the best strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your collaboration, which should include a strong social media presence.

Cause Marketing Made Simple

Make an authentic, powerful statement to your audience by finding the nonprofit organization that best fits with your company. Ready to collaborate but not sure how to implement the most thought-provoking strategy? Set up a time to chat now.