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You’ve likely heard the phrase, “content is king.” But what does that mean for your company?
When you publish consistent, high-quality content, your efforts will pay off in the form of growth. In fact, 54% of businesses say that brand consistency plays a crucial role in their growth.

Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing, so publishing content like blogs, e-newsletters, or social media posts on a regular basis keeps you top of mind with your audience. This is essential for building brand loyalty.

Ensuring that your content is top-notch (think informative and/or useful) teaches your target market to associate your brand with the value you consistently provide. Great content keeps current customers engaged with your company, and attracts new customers.

Start With Your Existing Content

Creating content takes time, effort, and creativity. However, chances are you already have content and just don’t realize it. Review your website and see what content you can repurpose from there. Think about the questions your customers frequently ask you. How do you answer them? There’s some more fuel for your content marketing engine.

Once you’ve taken stock of your source material, it’s time to start creating content. Publish the same piece of content in multiple formats to squeeze the most juice possible from it. For example, if you’ve created a video talking about industry tips, pull some gems from your script to turn into individual social media posts.

Create Content With a Just-Do-It Attitude

Being in front of the camera or sharing your company’s story in a social media post might make you nervous, but don’t let fear cause you to miss out on creating content that shows off what you have to offer.

Video, for instance, helps people put a face to your brand and allows you to strengthen your connection with your audience. With the ability to make high-quality videos right from your smartphone, having a just-do-it attitude is more than enough to get you started on YouTube, Instagram, or whichever platform you choose.

Creating content should be a fun learning process for both you and your audience. Go forth and get started!

Do you have questions about creating content that strengthens your brand? Get in touch and let’s have a conversation.