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Your brand is the entire experience your company conveys to customers. Within that ecosystem, your brand identity is the visual representation of your organization. And to drill down even further, your logo is your first opportunity to create an impression on potential buyers—so you want to make sure you seize your chance to shine!

Here are a few key steps to follow in the process of designing a logo.

1. Understand the Impact of Your Logo

 Your logo should separate you from the competition. This foundation of your brand identity enables you to build a recognizable company that’s not only memorable but that also fosters brand loyalty.

2. Define Your Brand Identity

Start with your “why.” Create a brand mission and align your logo and visual identity with that purpose to communicate the essence of your company. Your identity should illustrate a powerful intention and pique your audience’s interest.

3. Convey a Clear Message

A strong logo design should look professional, but also be quick and easy to interpret. If your company is new, you won’t have years of brand recognition, so your logo should be memorable without being cliche.

Just like Nike’s swoosh has created a connection to running and empowerment, over time and with consistent marketing, your logo can do the same for your company.

4. Create a Logo That Will Stand the Test of Time

Developing a logo that’s true to your brand will help you avoid being too trendy. You don’t want your logo to look dated in five years. Make sure you’re prepared to invest in a quality logo design. Crafting this centerpiece of your brand isn’t the time to pinch pennies!

Ready to show the world what your company is all about through your logo? Get in touch to create a design you can be proud to stand behind.