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Effective branding is a necessity for every company. A compelling brand builds a strong foundation for growth and differentiates you from competitors. But what exactly goes into creating a brand? Your first thought may be a logo, and while that’s an important element, there’s much more to branding.

Imagine your brand as a person. Are they outgoing or reserved? How would you describe their style? The way they speak? Most importantly, how do they make people feel after each interaction?

Focus on How Your Brand Makes People Feel to Foster Customer Loyalty.

The right logo design creates instant brand recognition. Think of it as a person’s face or name. However, just like any person is more than their appearance, your favorite brands excel because of what lies beyond their iconic logo.

The Apple logo is instantly recognizable, but it’s the company’s branding as a whole that exudes innovation. Over the decades, Apple’s branding positioned it as a tech leader with high-quality and reliable products. At this point, Apple could probably change its logo without losing any brand loyalty because of everything else the brand has accomplished.

Branding that keeps customers coming back for more is about appealing to your customers through visuals and communication that align with their needs and values, while always delivering on your promises through exceptional products and services.

Consistency Is the Key to Effective Brand Development.

It takes between 5 to 7 impressions to start creating brand awareness. That means every time a potential customer interacts with your brand, the experience must be consistent.

Going back to the idea of your brand as a person, does the brand’s personality reflect the appearance of the brand? This is important because once a customer crosses your brand threshold, your communication style and the way you deliver on promises must align with your visual markers. For example, a business with ultra-formal website copy but a casual and friendly appearance would be jarring for potential customers.

You wouldn’t want to entertain a relationship with someone who’s inconsistent or doesn’t follow through on their promises. The same goes for branding. Your goal for your company’s brand should be to attract your target audience the way a charismatic individual attracts a crowd.

Do you have questions about your company’s branding? Let’s have a conversation.