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Boxes of different colors

A strong brand is all about how your business makes customers feel, so clearly defining the mood you want to convey across your branding is crucial.

This is where mood boards come in.  A mood board is a collage with purpose. It features photos, text, typography, patterns, textures, and a color palette that all work together to define your brand’s visual identity.

Generating mood board ideas is a strategic and illuminating exercise. It forces you to reflect on your company’s purpose and on how you’ll convey that to your customers.

Mood Board Ideas to Strengthen Your Brand

Mood boards are an important first step in the branding process because they serve as a reference for executing a consistent brand vision. With cohesive branding, it will be easier for potential customers to recognize, build a relationship with, and buy from your company.

Your mood board should cover a number of branding elements, extending into brand voice and communications. You should also include notes along with every image on the board explaining how each one embodies your vision.

The Ideal Mood Board Creator

Forget the scissors, glue, and magazine clippings. Today, businesses are opting for digital mood board creators that allow them to collaborate and quickly make changes online.

However, a professional designer with branding experience is the ideal mood board creator because they understand the significance of different colors and fonts as well as how to strategically design a brand.

Instead of creating a basic mood board that hints at your vision, the right mood board creator will look at your market, competitors, and explore your “why” or business purpose. With this knowledge, they’ll select the right color palette, layout, headlines, typography, and photography styles for your brand to reference.

Most importantly, mood boards will save you time and money by giving each creative project a clear direction and aesthetic guidelines.

Need help coming up with mood board ideas and developing your brand? Head over to our services page to find out how we can help.