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Flow diagram of customers journey

4 Steps to a Successful Consumer Journey

Have you ever paid attention to the process you go through as a consumer when you’re looking to purchase something? Whether there’s something you want to buy or service you want to hire, or even when you make an impulse purchase online or at the grocery store checkout line, a lot happens in our subconscious mind from the very beginning.

This is what we call the consumer journey. There are many intricacies to an effective consumer journey, but there are 4 main steps you need to take to guide a buyer to make a purchase.

Here are the 4 simple steps to achieve a successful consumer journey:

1. See

Consumers need to see what you’re offering! Whether it’s through a brick-and-mortar location, online presence, or digital marketing strategy. If potential customers don’t know your company or products exist, they can’t go to the next step.

2. Feel

We consume an average of 33 gigabytes of data every single day. That’s more than it would take to overload a laptop in a week! To stand out, your brand must make consumers feel something. If you can create an emotion through a touchpoint, they’re more likely to remember your company and take the next step.

3. Engage

This is where you need to really think about what questions the consumer asks themselves while they’re engaging with your company. The key is to answer your buyers’ questions and lay out their next actions before they even think of them. Tell the buyer exactly what you want them to do, whether it be to like your Facebook page, go to your website, or send you an email.

4. Act

This is where you close the deal. If you can create a smooth journey from the very beginning, the consumer will act. Congratulations on a successful job!

Guide the Consumer Journey With Ease

The consumer journey isn’t always as simple as encouraging your audience to act. Have questions about how to create a more effective journey with your marketing? Let’s chat about it.