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3 Indicators Your Website Is Out of Date

Your website is like a hotel. If the hotel’s exterior is run down and outdated, and the parking tenant ignores you, you likely won’t want to stay there. Your customers feel the same way about your website. A fresh and functional website is an opportunity for you to show customers a great experience as well as your products and services.

Here are 3 ways to check if your website needs a revival.

1.  Your Homepage Is Out of Date

Just like a hotel lobby that’s grand and beautifully decorated, your website’s homepage needs to make a great first impression. If it loads like a behemoth, looks outdated, or has a confusing layout, your bounce rate is likely to skyrocket. Use a clean design and clear call to action to tell users where you want them to go and what you want them to do.

Revisit your homepage to evaluate the content and user experience at least once a year. Make updates to your products or services, contact information, and any other relevant information a new customer might need to know.

2. Your Content Calendar Is Empty

Hotels are constantly adding new activities to keep their visitors entertained and engaged. Your social media accounts need to be integrated with your website, and your content needs to be relevant and useful, otherwise, customers won’t stay to explore your offerings.

Remember to update and recycle old posts with new statistics and keywords, and plan your latest content. Track your best-performing posts using metrics that indicate success, like the number of new followers or email subscribers you gained, and use that information to shape your marketing strategy.

3. You Have Low Organic Search Rankings

If your organic search rankings are low, it’s time to update your website search engine optimization. Remember your website is two to five times more effective when optimized for search based on the needs of your buyer personas, so you need to build your organic search rankings through high-quality, shareable content your audience will engage with. This increases the chances of your content being shared, which will create backlinks and improve your rankings.

It’s Time to Hit Refresh on Your Website

Whether your products are akin to a luxury hotel, or your services are a tailored experience like a bed and breakfast, your website needs to act as the concierge of your brand and create the best customer experience possible. Send me a message and let’s create a “wow” website that converts!