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Teenagers discussing about branding

3 Steps to Launch Your Brand

Consider your brand it’s own living, breathing entity—if it was a cheerleader, would you want it to do backflips for your organization, or sit on the sidelines looking bored? Whether you’re starting a new brand or rebranding, a brand launch helps you design the next chapter of your company. When preparing for a brand launch, there are 3 steps you’ll want to take to ensure success.

1. Strategize Your Launch

Once you’ve developed your brand, and you have a strong visual identity as well as messaging that speaks to your target audience, their pain points, and how your services can help them, you’re ready to unveil your brand to the world

Plan your brand launch date for at least 60 days in the future to give you time to create and implement your strategy. Consider if your launch will gradually roll out on your digital marketing channels, or if it will be a “big bang.” You may also piggyback your launch date with an event, conference, or promotion to increase traffic and build excitement.

2. Prepare Your Website

Make sure your website is ready for your launch date by setting up a pre-launch page with a countdown and creating at least 3 to 5 pieces of high-value content that will keep readers on your website once it launches. Use a call to action to encourage sign-ups for your email list through launch-related social media posts, and call on local or online media to help build anticipation for your launch.

3. Create Brand Visibility

After you’ve developed your organization’s name, logo, website, and marketing materials, it’s time to get your offerings in front of your ideal audience, with directions on what to do next—call to action. New brands can take advantage of the momentum that comes from new product services—most people are excited to see what your company has to offer, especially if you position yourself to appear fresh and innovative within your market. Let people know how they can engage with you.

The Complete Brand Launch

Your brand launch is an exciting opportunity to connect with your target audience and present your company front and center. Ready to unveil your company to the world, but not sure where to start? Get in touch to help create a brand launch that puts all eyes on you.