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3 Ways to Identify Your Target Audience

To identify the right target audience for your brand, you need to know and understand your market. You can then leverage this knowledge to craft a successful marketing strategy that includes a visual identity and various marketing tactics to resonate with your ideal buyers.

Whether your company is in the startup phase or you’re looking to enter a new market, here are 3 ways to pinpoint your target audience.

1. Conduct Market Research

Use market research to gain insight into how you stack up against your competition, and the unique value you can provide. Strategically analyze your industry, potential audience demographics, marketing trends, and more to help you clarify where and how best to reach your target customers. This research can also guide you to address any objections buyers may have when it comes to purchasing your products or services.

2. Map Out a Purchase Path and Pain Points

It’s critical to understand your customer’s journey and the considerations they make along the path to purchase. You can do this by creating a buyer persona (or multiple personas if you have more than one target audience segment), which will allow you to better understand each segment and customize marketing messages designed to move them through the sales funnel. Consider your audience’s pain points and needs, and construct your messages based on the solutions you provide.

3. Design a Market Positioning Map

Market mapping is a method that uses a diagram to identify the gaps in your industry by giving you a visual of your market. Clusters indicate where the market is oversaturated, whereas large spaces show areas your company can fill with your niche. Here’s an example of what a market map looks like:


categories of car

Attract Your Niche Audience

Narrowing down your audience can help you drive your marketing efforts forward with purpose. It will enable you to create highly specific and personalized marketing messages to encourage brand loyalty from prospects and customers. Wondering how to develop the right marketing strategy for your target audience? Let’s talk!