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What’s in a name? Your organization’s name can actually impact your company’s success, so getting it right the first time is key to connecting with your audience. Not sure how to come up with a clear and concise moniker? Here are 3 tips to get you started.

1. See if Your Name Is Taken

First, make sure your chosen name isn’t already registered. No two registered names can be exactly the same, or even similar if they’re in the same market and the same state. Search through a database provided by your state agency responsible for business filings to find out which names have been taken before you commit. It also helps to conduct a Google search to see what other results potential customers will see when they search for your company.

2. Keep It Simple

Lengthy company names with complicated spelling names can prevent potential customers from finding you. Keep spelling simple so your organization can be found easily online. The harder your company name is to associate with your brand, the easier it will be for people to forget it, so you want your name to be straightforward and memorable.

3. Leave Room for Growth

Name your company with room for potential expansion. If you choose a name that narrows your specific product or city, you may encounter problems down the line when you begin to carry more than one product. For example, if you sell tea through your website, it’s limiting to go by“Tea Online,” because somewhere down the road you may want to carry coffee or open a brick-and-mortar shop. The same applies to choosing a name that’s too general.

Choose a Name to Be Remembered By

Creating your brand’s name is important because it’s what your clients will associate you and your products or services with. Don’t let the pressure get to you—let’s come up with a company title to be proud of! Set up a time to chat now.